Bio/Artist statement

Clinton Cline served in the United States Army for five years, after which he earned his Associates degree from East Los Angeles College, and his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from California State University at Long Beach.  Cline has been teaching Printmaking at the University of Colorado in Boulder since 1969.

The images on this web site are primarily printmaking with an emphasis on imaginative landscape, using an intuitive process in which fragments of reality are abstracted to conform to an inner vision of a particular subject matter.

Based on the above statement and while reflecting its meaning related to many years of prints representing this Website and its structure, I feel it is the major approach that all my work has taken.

Underlining my intuitive process is the concepts or the principles of “Mark Making”, which starts any image regardless of subject matter. For me, the very first act of making a mark, which could be just a dot, a line stroke or just a doodle, which allows form or shapes to begin is the most important act that starts my method of making an image. I accept all marks until I have covered most of the surface, I then delete or destroy some and re-create until all feels complete.

Having written the above and regardless of the final outcome of what the image projects to the viewer, all images are imaginative landscape.

Over some 45 years that many of the images represented on this website and as a teacher of Printmaking processes, I have felt that I personally have had to diversify my medium to learn the process for the purpose of offering more opportunities’ to students.  So, you will see images using Photographs, computer imaging, hand papermaking, intaglio, lithography, monoprint and monotypes. Work on this site dated 1968 to Present.